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Workshops: Living With Hearing Loss

Attendees at a workshop for living and working with hearing loss.

The Sudbury Branch offers a number of workshops and presentations in Sudbury and across North Eastern Ontario. 

Serving People With Hearing Loss 

These workshops are designed to help people with hearing loss become more informed about hearing loss, how to live, work and cope with it. 

For Family and Friends, Or Anyone Else

They are also a wonderful resource for family and friends of those with hearing loss. In fact, anyone interested to learn more (i.e. health professionals, co-workers, employers) will find these workshops to be an excellent resource.

Our workshops have become very popular, often resulting in waiting lists of people who want to participate.  Check out our events page frequently for announcements of upcoming events and workshops or consider becoming a member of CHHA and you will receive a notice via mail or email.

If you would like us to present one of these free seminars (or another topic of your choice) during business or after hours, please contact us and we can arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Living and Working With Hearing Loss Workshops

Speech/Lip Reading

An Introduction to the art of Speech Reading for those with hearing loss and their families.

Hearing Loss 101

Recognizing the early signs, coping strategies, hearing aids, general information.

Living With Tinnitus

Coping techniques and learning to live with ringing/buzzing in your head.

Hearing Loss and the Workplace

Introduction to technologies available to make the workplace more “accessible”.

Hearing Loss and Prevention

How to avoid hearing loss and slow down the progress of existing loss.

The ABC’s of ALDs

Assistive Listening Devices
A demonstration of various devices available to enhance the “hearing” experience.

The Truth about Hearing Aids

Learn exactly what to expect from your hearing aid – what it can and cannot do.

Hearing Loss and Sensitivity Training

What others should know when communicating/working with the hard of hearing.

Hear The North (Looping)

Learn how to make your location hearing accessible.

Learning to Hear

For Cochlear Implant (CI) Recipients.