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Print Interpretation Services

A woman offering Print Interpretation Services

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Sudbury Branch strives to improve accessibility in our communities and provides print interpretation services. Print Interpretation is a very effective tool for providing visual communication and facilitating understanding in a variety of settings.

CHHA-Sudbury Branch has made Computerized Notetaking available across North-Eastern Ontario since 2003. We currently hire and train computerized notetakers through a program we have developed ourselves based on first-hand experience. The need for this service is high and as we become better known to the communities, the demand continues to increase. The CHHA Hearing Help Centre has also been outfitted for remote real time captioning services.

What is Computerized Notetaking? 

In Computerized Notetaking, a Notetaker types on a computer keyboard a summary or near-verbatim caption of what is being said during a meeting, group discussion, lecture or presentation.  A slight delay may occur because of the notetaker’s need to hear and enter the words on the computer.

The notes are displayed on a monitor or projection screen depending on if there is one person or a group of people who need to read the information.

Computerized Notetaking provides an effective means of record-keeping for a variety of business settings. This system is also ideal for persons with a hearing loss who require enhanced communication and those with other types of disabilities.

What is Real Time Captioning?

Real-time captioning is the word-for-word transcription of speech to text in real-time.  A captionist (often trained as a court reporter or stenographer) uses a stenotype machine with a phonetic keyboard and special software. A computer translates the phonetic symbols into captions almost instantaneously and displays them on a laptop or on a large display screen. A slight delay may occur because of the captionist’s need to hear and enter the words and the computer’s processing time.

Remote real-time captions are produced with the trained captionist at a remote location.  A voice connection such a phone conferencing system is used to send the voice to the captionist and the real-time text is transmitted via the internet to the desired location.

Some settings where Print Interpretation Services may be useful:

•    Workshops
•    Conferences
•    Lectures
•    Meetings
•    Supervisory Occasions
•    Hearings
•    Examinations

Who Can Benefit from Print Interpretation Services?

•    Conference delegates
•    Board members
•    Hard of hearing
•    Deafened
•    Meeting participants
•    Persons with disabilities

Booking A Notetaker

To book a Computerized Notetaker simply contact the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association’s Notetaking Co-ordinator by phone/TTY at (705) 523-5695, toll free at 1-866-300-2442 or by fax at (705) 523-8621 or send us an email at