Assistive Listening Devices Library

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Sudbury Branch offers an assistive listening devices lending library.

How to Borrow A Device:

  • Each device is available for a 2 week time period
  • A loan form must be completed including name, address, phone number and the items to be borrowed
  • A damage waiver and responsibility declaration must be signed and witnessed
  • Instructions of usage will be included with the device

Outreach Loans:

The CHHA-Sudbury Branch assistive listening device lending library is available to individuals and groups across North Eastern Ontario.  If you reside outside Sudbury, please contact us at 1-866-300-2442 for a consultation.

Once a suitable device is selected a loan form will be completed and the damage waiver, responsibility declaration is to be signed and witnessed and returned to our office.  Once the documentation has been received back at the office, the device will be shipped to you.  At the end of the 2 week loan period, contact the office and instructions will be provided on how to ship the device back to CHHA-Sudbury Branch.

Some Devices Available Include:

  • Telephones (amplified corded and cordless phones, in-line amplifiers, voice carry over phones, Bluetooth devices, etc.)
  • Alerting Devices (alarm clocks, timers, doorbell, smoke alarm, etc.)
  • Listening Devices and Systems (television, individual and group FM systems, sound fields, loops, etc.)
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Assistive listening devices can play a major role in managing and living with hearing loss.  Many individuals with hearing loss find their hearing aids and/or cochlear implants alone are not enough.  Using assistive listening technology along with hearing aids and cochlear implants can greatly enrich one’s life.


It’s a fact, many who use assistive listening devices along with their hearing aids/cochlear implants experience greater satisfaction and long term success with their hearing instruments.


The assistive listening device lending library aids in deciding what device or system will work best.  Assistive listening devices can be costly and everyone’s hearing loss is different, thus at CHHA-Sudbury Branch, we encourage people to ‘try before they buy’.   Contact the CHHA, Hearing Help Centre and consult with a friendly staff member about what device may best suit your needs.


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