Infrared Systems

Infrared systems are another wireless system that uses light waves to transmit sound. They are available for home/personal use and in larger area situations and provide a high quality sound fidelity for music and speech, making them excellent for watching TV or listening to music. Microphones and receivers are battery operated with rechargeable batteries. However the signal does not go through solid objects and walls and the microphone has must have a direct line of sight to the receiver.

Advantages To An Infrared System

  • Signal does not travel through solid object providing privacy
  • Wireless and portable
  • Not affected by radio transmittions, thus no interference
  • Can be used in adjacent rooms
  • Appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss

Where Infrared Systems Can Be Used

• Sports Arena • Concert Halls

• Colleges and Universities

• Cinemas • Theatre • Lecture Halls

• Conference Rooms • Medical Clinics

• Government Offices • Airports

• Receptions Areas • Libraries • Banks

• Ticket Booths • Court Rooms

• Hotel Lobbies

• Grocery/Retail Stores • Coffee Shops


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