Hear The North 

Most public spaces in northeastern Ontario are not hearing accessible but we are hoping to change that as The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Sudbury embarks on our “Hear The North” campaign to advocate for improved hearing loss awareness and accessibility in public spaces. CHHA, Sudbury strongly believes people with hearing loss deserve and are entitled to live their lives to their fullest potential. Promoting and providing hearing accessibility will improve their ability to hear, enhance their ability to communicate and thus improve their overall quality of life.

We like to say at CHHA: IF YOU LOOP IT, WE WILL COME

Of course the Hear the North campaign isn’t all about induction loops. We may also suggest other assistive listening devices such as FM systems and also Infrared. Following a sight assessment, we will recommend the most suitable system for the venue. 

Almost 20% of Canadians experience communication difficulties due to hearing loss.  Providing hearing accessibility at your facility will allow for better communication, increase the numbers of visitors to your facility as it makes it easier for hard of hearing individuals to hear better and get out there and enjoy life.

Click this here for places that offer hearing accessibility.

Hear The North Fund

The Hear The North Fund was established to promote hearing accessibility in communities across Northeastern Ontario. The goal of this fund is to create more inclusive public facilities for people with hearing loss. The fund is available to non-profit and/or charitable organizations that provide public use or meeting facilities. Such organizations may include churches, libraries, concert halls, charity meeting spaces. 

There are two steps to access fund: 

  • Contact CHHA-Sudbury to arrange a consultation.
  • Complete application and return in to CHHA-Sudbury or email it to email hidden; JavaScript is required

If you would like to learn more about providing hearing accessibility contact us today and schedule a consultation. 

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