About the T-COIL

Many assistive listening devices work best in conjunction with a T-Coil. a T-coil, or telecoil, is a small copper coil in a hearing aid that functions as a wireless antenna that links to a sound system or PA system, delivering customized sound to the hearing aid wearer. It is an option on most hearing aids and is generally in all cochlear implant processors.

Originally used to hear better on the telephone, the t-coil opens doors to other options such as neckloops to use with assistive listening devices for other situations that may need additional sound support. it is best to request the t-coil when purchasing your hearing aid as the fee will be insignificant in comparasion to the total cost of the hearing aid (approximately $50.00). Most hearing aids can be equipped with a t-coil except for the very small ITC (in the canal) aids. if a hearing aid does not have a t-coil, most can be retrofitted for $200-300. Some hearing aids have t-coils installed but not activated and some need to have the t-coil volume adjusted.

Remember to specfically request a manually controlled t-coil when you purchase your next hearing aid to ensure you recieve optimal benefit from assitive listening devices. The audiologist should program the T-coil to suit the user’s needs which may include partial microphone on the t-setting.

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